Garden design & layout: “Gardens should be an extension of our home. A perfect sanctuary to escape to after a long and strenuous day” - Eben Vermaas. We design any type of garden to meet your specific needs. A variety of styles which include

Eksklusiewe Landskappe | Exclusive Landscapes specializes in a variety of water feature designs that can be installed indoors or outdoors to suite the style of your garden design and personal needs. These water features are uniquely designed to

Koi Ponds are built in a variety of shapes and styles to suit individual needs. These Koi Ponds can be built with different materials such as natural rock, sandstone, cladding, etc. to add value to an existing garden. Koi Ponds are suitable for the m

An open air deck or decking around the pool is always a winner when it comes to creating the ultimate in gardens. The beauty and character that natural wood give you, can never be replaced. These lovely features are build from imported wood like Gara

A lovely, sufficient entertainment area is a must in most private gardens. This is your retreat after a hard working day. Here you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of your beautiful outdoor surroundings. It is also the place to come alive during w

Eksklusiewe Landskappe | Exclusive Landscapes specializes in the building of Marbalite swimming pools. Size, shape and color of your unique pool will be designed and fitted to suite your needs. Our variety of pools is unlimited and you can

You have a beautiful, manicured garden and very proud to show it off to everyone, but what happened to it at night? It became an uninteresting dark place and no one can appreciate it. It can even be become a scary unsafe place to be at night. Let

 Eksklusiewe Landskappe | Exclusive Landscapes specializes in the installation of all kinds of instant lawns. Kikuyu instant lawn is the popular lawn for sunny areas while LM instant lawn is a winner in semi shade areas. A proper culti

We offer a competitive wide range of paving products from many suppliers to suit your individual taste and needs. Eksklusiewe Landskappe | Exclusive Landscapes installation methods, which includes the sterilization of soil underlying the pa

  We offer a wide range of custom made steel and wooden trellises to soften high boundary walls, screening off unsightly items or dividing areas in your garden to create special effects. Our trellises are made from CCA treated Saligna laths or

Creating different levels in a garden, large or small, are a very important aspect of the total design. With these, you can achieve different effects, for example let a small garden look bigger or vice versa. You can also divide your garden into diff

Irrigation: Eksklusiewe Landskappe | Exclusive Landscapes specializes in manual and automated irrigation systems to suit your individual needs. We prefer to use the Rainbird Irrigation system which is known to be very user-fr

Eksklusiewe Landskappe | Exclusive Landscapes will once more provide you with the answers to all tricky situations regarding tree felling, pruning or relocation of trees, shrubs and plants. Where slopes are a problem, the necessary retai